Installing Your Grab Bar Using 
WingIts RES Fastening System
The WingIts RES Fastening system comes with good written installation instructions. However, we believe that the video below will be even more 
helpful to you in installing it. 
Note that in the video they are installing the bar horizontally. If you are using the bar as a Cleansing Bar in the Washing Aid system, you will need to follow our written instructions so that the bars can be installed vertically or an an appropriate angle. 
If, after viewing the video, you also want more complete written directions please click here to see a flyer describing the process from the Manufacturer WingIts". 
It will open in a separate page. 
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How to install your WingIts RES Fastening System 
The Washing Aids System is frequently sold with the 
"European Body Dryer"
 that allows "in shower", full body drying. 

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This website is intended to assist purchasers of the "Washing Aids System" in the installation of the Cleansing Grab bars included.